Camping Equipment List

The Boy Scout Motto – Be Prepared.


Camping Packing List

¨ Backpack (a large sports equipment bag or duffel bag will also work)
¨ Sleeping Bag
¨ Tent (with ground cloth)
¨ Closed-Cell Foam Sleeping Pad
¨ 2 One-Quart Water Bottles (filled)
¨ Flashlight & Extra Batteries
¨ Soap
¨ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
¨ Comb/Brush
¨ Bath Towel
¨ Toilet Paper (half a roll in a zip-lock bag)
¨ Bug Spray
¨ Sunscreen
¨ Small First Aid Kit (optional – the pack will have one)
¨ Camp Chairs (optional – for sitting at campfire)
 –  Bring your own drinking cups
¨ Warm Jacket (it can get cold at night)
¨ Raincoat
¨ Wool Sweater, Fleece, or Sweatshirt
¨ Warm Hat (to wear at night when you sleep)
¨ Shorts
¨ Long Pants (bring an extra pair)
¨ Tee Shirts (including one to sleep in)
¨ Long Sleeve Shirt
¨ Socks (bring extras)
¨ Underwear
¨ Sneakers
¨ Hiking Boots (nice to have but not required, bring an extra pair of sneakers if you don’t have boots)


–      Reinforce the principle of the Buddy System with your scout

–       Bring your own drinking cups, pack will only have limited supply of disposable cups – think Green

–       Line your pack or duffle bag with a trash bag to keep your clothes dry

–       No flip flops or crocs – they offer no protection for your feet

–       Always pack for one season colder than it is.  Layer your clothes.

–      NO scouts are allowed to have axes at any time, parents leave them at home as well!

–       Pocketknives are permitted only for those scouts that have Whittling Chip Card. Scouts without possession of valid WC and or are in violation of any WC rules will have their pocketknife confiscated by any leader or adult for the remainder of the trip.

Nice to have:

  • Spare set of clothes for when everything is soaked/dirty (you and your kid)
  • A small wagon can help you and others if the campsite is far from the car
  • Bringing a extra canopy or tarp is always welcome!