Popcorn Sales Start in September with information at our first meetings!

Sales options:
1) Take Order:
– Scouts use the popcorn form to take orders and collect payment.
– Checks can be made payable to Pack 284 (not Troop 284 or Boy Scouts)
– Popcorn pickup date with your scout delivering to customers

2) Storefront sales – we have sales table run by scouts at volunteer local storefronts,  signups with Popcorn Kernel

3) Direct Sales – groups of scouts go door to door with product, signups with Popcorn Kernel

4) Online sales – easy – go to Trails End website to sign up and any sales are credited to our pack and your scout as well for prizes

Council prizes for sales are noted on the sales packets; the highest sellers in the region will be eligible for prizes such as a remote control car, night vision goggles and a X Box. Pack prizes may include sports tickets to the top pack sellers.

Scout Etiquette: You scout should be in uniform and represent scouting well when selling popcorn.

O Look like young Scout Professional
O Know your product
O Go get your customer

O Ask the right question
“Hi! My name is __________ and I am with Pack 284!

Would you like to support Scouting by buying some of our delicious Popcorn?”

Download extra Pack order form below: