Pack Events – Pinewood Derby Rules

See the calendar for the full list of den and pack events.

Pinewood Derby

Typically held in February or March, the Pinewood runs up to 90 cars. Parents and Siblings may also race in their own class. The following link covers race rules:


Family Camping Trips

Pack 284 will usually plan at least 1 family camping trip per year. Camping typically starts Friday evening and ends Sunday morning. Cub Scouts and family are encourage to attend ANY part they can of the camping trips. Some may choose to just spend the day Saturday and leave after the campfire program, others may chose to skip Friday nights, but stay Saturday. These experiences are meant to provide a safe and fun outdoor experience.

Leave Your Pets and electronics (radios, etc) At Home!

See the camping link for additional camping information and equipment list.


Memorial Day Parade

At the end of the year, we march in the Wayne Memorial Day Parade.  This is a great ending to the year and a visible way for the community to recognize our Cub Scouts.